How To Make Your Dell Laptop Look like a Million Bucks

There are many people across the globe who have a Dell laptop that needs to be upgraded. Dell is a cheap priced laptop that may also look cheap. There are several things that can be done to a Dell laptop to enhance its value, appearance, and style. These laptops may not appear to be expensive by appearance but there are things that can be done to enhance the appeal and look of the laptop. Here are some things that can be done to make your Dell laptop look like a million bucks.


Outside Cover

The outside of the Dell laptop can become smudgy and dirty. Dust and other messes make the laptop look dingy and old. Clean the outside of the laptop and make it shine. This will make it appear new and look good. The shine can make it appear more expensive than what you may have paid for it. Once the dirt and dust are wiped off, you can even use a squirt of glass cleaner to give it a mirror shine. This will help to make the laptop appear expensive and brand new even if it is not.


The Keyboard

The keyboard is one of the most used and touched part of the Dell laptop. The keys can become dirty and accumulate dust and dirt within and around the keys themselves. Take a Q-tip and clean the keyboard and in between the keys. If there is dirt stuck down in the keys, you can take them off and clean them and put them back in place. Or you can use a can of air to blow out the dirt that is stuck in the tiny crevices. This will help to make the keyboard appear new and expensive even when it is cheap or old. You can take a rag or wipe and clean the section between the keys where dust can build up. This will make the keyboard shine and look brand new like it was expensive. A magic eraser is another good choice to use on the keyboard. It can easily get into the small areas and remove the dirt and grime.



The monitor or screen on a Dell laptop can become extremely dusty and dirty. This is especially true with touch screen laptops. The oil from our fingers can also leave smudges on the screen which can make it appear to be old and dirty. The screen can be cleaned best when the laptop is off that way it will not interfere with your work. To clean the screen, you can use a rag and a squirt of glass cleaner. Another way to clean the screen is to use white vinegar. The vinegar will remove any oil, dirt, dust, and smudges that may be on the monitor. Once the vinegar is used on the screen it will look brand new. It will make the monitor look like a million bucks.


Being able to use these tips to make the Dell laptop look like a million bucks will enhance the appearance. These tips will not take much time to complete and can transform the laptop to look more expensive than what it was worth.